**Official Lines for all 41* games  become available on the website  As soon as they are publicly available. Lines for Day 1 & 2 will be Posted 12/10
The Lines will not change.

*Games Stretch from Dec. 15th- Jan 10th.

*Standings will updated on site once a week every Tuesday and Saturday

*THE Waterschallenge College football Bowl Pick Challenge  is based on picking winning teams against the contest line. Contestants must select a side
in all 41 bowl games, no Money line plays, no totals, only Spreads. Contestants may not select both sides of the game on a single entry.

*Contest winners will be determined by the total number of points accumulated during the 40 game Bowl Challenge.
*Each winning selection will be credited as two points. Ties (pushes) count as one point. Losses or failure to get picks in time results in Zero points.

Picks will be due DAILY. Picks will be due one hour before FIRST game kicks off each day.  
If there is 5 games on a day, To play any of those games ALL of your plays FOR THAT DAY, will be DUE ONE HOUR BEFORE THE FIRST GAME OF
-If you know your picks ahead of time you can turn them in early, but once they are in, they are final, NO CHANGING THEM
On Jan 1st there is 6 games, the first one starts at 12EST, So ALL picks for that day is due at 11EST, which is early especially for west coasters on new
years day.  So I suggest getting picks for that day in Early, or any day that has EARLY kickoffs.

1st Place=40%
2nd Place= 30%
3rd Place= 20%
4th place=10%
*Contestant selections will be available On-line each  before the game kicks off.

Current standings will be posted on the website each Monday night.

*Tie-breaking Rules will be applied to determine first place only. Entries tying for second through tenth place will equally split aggregate prize money
from the respective place.
*If ties exist after the Contest for first place, the champion will be determined based on the entry that accumulated the most contest points during the final
6 games of the contest. If total point accumulated during the final 6 games is equal most points accumulated during last 12 bowl games will determine
the winner,
and so on(in reverse order), until the tie is broken. In the unlikely occurrence of a tie after the tie-breakers, co-champions will be declared and the
aggregate prize money will be split equally.

*Once the season is over all payouts will be made in 7-10 days after season ends. Payout options will be Paypal, Money order, & Bank wire Or a
combination of any!