WATERS CHALLENGE NCAAF CONTEST is a Sports betting information website. is not a gambling website and does not accept bets or
wagers in any capacity. This site should be used for entertainment purposes only.
*The Waterschallenge is based on picking winning teams against the contest line*. Contestants must select five bets per week.
Contestants may not select both sides of the game on a single entry. No money lines, ONLY Against the Spread and Totals.
*Contest Line:There might be game(s) that have no Contest Line.  If there is no Line due to Injury or uncertainly it will not be on the
contest and will be unavailable to play in the contest.
90% of all games and totals will be available to you. Just warning you there will be that 10%(Mostly Totals)
Majority of the games are on Saturday, But Mid-Week games will be available to play as well.

Contest Will be 14 Weeks, Starting Sept 1st and Ending December 3rd.

*Contest winners will be determined by the total number of points accumulated during the College Football regular season.

*Each winning selection will be credited as two points. Ties (pushes) count as one point. Losses or failure to get picks in time
results in Zero points.

*Standings will be updated and posted on website every Wednesday

Submitting Picks & Deadlines:
*Lines For Weekend Games will become available on Wednesday sometimes earlier.
(Thursday or any Mid-week games Spreads will be out Monday)

*Contestants must submit their weekly selections for weekend game BY MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT.
*To play a Thursday or any week day game (MON-FRI), picks must be submitted by 12 NoonEst on the day of games.
You do not have to submit your whole card if you chose to play a mid-week game.

*Contestant selections will be available On-line before the games kick off that day.

Any contestant who fails to submit their weekly selections in time will be awarded zero points that week.
All picks are final, Once your Picks are submitted, you CAN NOT change them.

Payout Structure *(*subject to change)
1st Place=40%
2nd Place= 25%
3rd Place= 20%
4th Place= 15%
*Tie-breaking Rules will be applied to determine first place only. Entries tying for second through 5th place will equally split
aggregate prize money from the respective place. If ties exist after the College Football regular season for first place, the
champion will be determined based on the entry that accumulated the most contest points during the final three weeks of the
regular season.
If total point accumulated during the final three weeks is equal most points accumulated during the fourth to the final week will
determine the winner, and so on weekly (in reverse order), until the tie is broken. In the unlikely occurrence of a tie after the
tie-breakers, co-champions will be declared and the aggregate prize money will be split equally.